Tuesday, January 16, 2024

REWORK - Thunderdome

Sorry, been a hot minute (year) since I took a stab at a REWORK track. I've been dealing with a whole lot of life shit, and I also had to uproot my space for recording (wife needed a home office). I'm now in the garage. Pros: I now have a 24 track interface...so plenty of mics for the drums. The room is bigger and sounds better. I also got a few new condensor mics and a new set of monitors (so, two pairs to listen through). Cons: It's cold out there.

Thunderdome was one of the earlier track of 52 and one I had a clear vision for when I originally wrote it. I imagined a heavy stoner rock vibe, and what i came up with, I thought, fell real short. I always hear it and think I could fix it, so I tried my hand at it.

The main thing I hated on the original was the drum machine, just didn't give the track the true heaviness it needed. So I added them, I think it helps. I kept the bass. Retracked guitars with new amp settings. The other two things I disliked were the bridge and ending. So I killed the ending completely and redid the bridge. The new bridge is kind of more trippy and mellow, the original was a true mess in my opinion.

Anywho... enjoy.

The New.

The Old.

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