Wednesday, October 5, 2022

REWORK - Awful Holiday

I wrote this track for 52 closer towards the end of the project. I always really liked this one, and still do. I thought it could be a fun one to toy around with and try some guitars since the original barely has any.

When I started reworking this I noticed something seemed a little off when I went to add guitars... it almost caused me to scratch the whole thing until I figured it out.

Story time. When I was in Mexico years ago, I bought a wooden flute from a vendor outside of Chichén Itzá. The thing is super rustic and I thought it would be cool to mix it into a track for 52. I choose Awful Holiday as that track. It's the first thing you hear as the tune opens. It's just that repetitive loop playing under everything. The problem was, I was out of tune as shit when I played it.

So after I tracked drums, I tuned that sample into the correct key of the song. I then added some guitars and messed around with some of the vocal settings. I added some keys, deleted some keys, and a few other little tweaks. I think it's pretty cool sounding.

The New.

The Old.

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