Monday, September 26, 2022

REWORK - Wild Horse

I originally thought this was one of my favorite of 52 when I first wrote it and posted it. I was a little over halfway done with the project and I was really pleased with the tracks I was putting out. When I listen back on it, I still like it, but I felt like I could rework it in a different way.

When I posted the original track I WROTE that it was bass, drums, and electronics... which was accurate, so I thought why not kill the electronics and do all guitars instead. So I did (I actually left some of the keys in the chorus). I added three guitar tracks and a baritone. I tracked live drums instead of the old dr-5 drum loop. I changed out some of the vocal effects. Hmmm what else... oh, I trimmed the final chorus.

I don't know. I kinda dig it. It's not perfect, but who is.

The New

The Old

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