Sunday, January 21, 2024

REWORK - Game Genie

Game Genie was the last track on a digital EP I released back in 2012 called Twin Canals. I was really stoked on that release and generally still like all the songs from it. The only draw back to the whole thing (and everything before it) was I created it in Garageband, which severely compressed the .wav files and everything just felt flat and quiet compared to mastered music available at the time.

So with this rework I attempted to brighten the track and raise the volume. I added in live drums. I throttled the treble on the guitars and vocals. I added some new keys and retracked a few things.

I'm really happy with this track, it has a cool retro vibe that I dig. Hope you do too.

❤️ Curtis

The New

The Old

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