Sunday, September 4, 2022

REWORK - Ride the Bomb

I hate this song. It's probably one of my least favorite tunes I ever recorded. The vocals are out of key and shrill, the drum machine is too much, and the length is unnecessary, overall I just thought it was a big why not mess with it?

I started with tracking live drums. I wanted something super simple, ala Beatles-esqe, which I ultimately was trying to channel when I wrote this. It also helps that I suck at drums, so I wasn't trying to overdo it. I redid most of the guitars (I left in the solo cause I actually didn't hate it). The original acoustics were blown out and really trebly, I redid those. The vocals I tuned a little in places and redid the overall mix and sound of them. I cut the second and third choruses down to the same length as the first chorus, feels a little tighter now. I didn't mess with the keys and bass, I actually really liked those.

I mean, I'm still not a fan of this tune, but I think It turned out way better than the original.

The New

The Old

Bonus. OG scribble scabble, from yours truly. Love Curtis.

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