Friday, August 26, 2022

REWORK - Long Way Down

So I mentioned in the Youtube post the other day I was planning on cooking up something on this site. I think it's just gonna be exclusively through here (and Bandcamp, cause that's where I'm hosting the tracks), but I'm going to start going through some old tracks and reworking them a little. Maybe a little remaster, a little tune-up, a little new instrument here and there. Something that just tinkers with the old shit and tries to give them some new life.

I have a lot of source material with "52", "A Lonely Mouth" (the mini album that come before "52") and even some of the other tracks I released afterward, but I thought I'd start with Long Way Down. It was the first tune I wrote for my weekly journey of 52, and I felt like that'd be a cool place to start.

I scrapped the drum machine and tracked live drums (I'm no Neal Peart, but it'll do). I tuned some of the bad vocal takes. I switched out some guitar tones and just brought everything up overall. Hope you dig it.

The New


The Old

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